Patios come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, we can utilize radial and circular designs, different patterns, borders and colors. We can install a casual stone path or a paver patio on which to entertain friends and family

From the standard designs to a design you dreamed up, we can make it come to life!

Whether your patio is an outdoor garden or backyard dining area, we can add an element of unique detail that will make it your special space such as fire pits, outdoor cooking areas, sitting benches, and pillars. The variety of materials available for patios, driveways and walkways makes nearly any look and feel possible.

We specialize in renovations and new landscape design projects for both residential and commercial clients. We understand how much your green space means to you. We’ll upgrade the looks of your yard or help you design a brand new environment. Whether your home needs fresh flower beds or your office lot needs professional maintenance, we take care of the job.

We also do lawn installation/lawn seeding or sodding for new homes or renovation projects. A new lawn can work wonders for your property and help it stand out. No matter the size or layout of your space, we can install a lawn that will enhance your property’s curb appeal while adding to its overall value.

Our friendly staff will answer all your questions, and our quotes are always free. Call or email today to schedule a free estimate and fresh ideas!

There are many things you can do to enhance the value and appearance of your home. One of the easiest, most affordable, and most dramatic investments is landscaping with trees and shrubs.

Trees are essential for landscaping because they can provide privacy, protection from wind, and shade on those hot summer days. If you are planning to use trees for privacy, you’ll probably want to plant fast growing trees so you get the privacy you need quickly. We can help you plant just one tree in your yard or plant that hedge you always wanted. We can help you with the selection process. Call or email today!

Shrubs on the other hand, are hardy, evergreen plants that can add a deep green tone to your landscaping design. Many shrubs flower, so make a list of all the colors that you like and the shapes or forms of the shrubs you are wanting in your

We offer shrub pruning and fall leaf clean-up services to our commercial and residential clients.

When you have shrubs around your home and in your landscaping, it is important to prune your ornamental trees and shrubs to keep them healthy. Proper pruning/trimming by skilled staff will provide them with winter protection (winterizing) to
ensure that they are not damaged over the winter months by heavy snow loads. Pruning/trimming your investment at the right time of year is essential to provide a shape that compliments your home’s landscape and keeps your shrubs beautiful and healthy.

Fall clean-up consists of ensuring that your shrubs are pruned and ready for the cold winter months. Additionally your landscape beds are cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, preventing mold and fungus from growing.

In the fall, leaves from trees nearby drop and accumulate in the landscape beds. As cooler weather arrives and rainy days increase, this can cause mold which can damage your mulch and plants and even affect your allergies.

Lawn care is important if you want to maintain the beauty and appeal of your commercial property. The process involves not just cutting the grass but also removing the clutter and making sure that the area is maintained clean, neat, and visually appealing.

We contract for seasonal lawn care needs for commercial properties. We will contract scheduled maintenance or on an as-needed basis.

Call or email for pricing/quotes.

Servicing commercial and residential properties, we will keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Whether you have a sidewalk that needs to be cleared for the mail man, a large driveway that needs clearing, or a large commercial parking lot that needs to be cleared for your business to operate, we provide quality and timely snow plowing, salting, and snow removal services for your home or business.

Winters in Wisconsin are not for everyone, be ready for the snow!!!

Trees are an integral part of our lives in many ways. Trimming up those trees will enhance your views, save you time cleaning up leaves and branches and can be healthy for the tree.

Brush removal/Lot clearing can be a big project, whether it is for agricultural purposes, landscaping, additional lawn, or new construction. Brush removal/ lot clearing near residences/buildings is always advised as it keeps the area clear of unwanted rodents.

We offer on-site brush chipping. We will not be piling the debris/branches on your site. Call or email for pricing/quotes.

Corey & Co. Landscaping Llc focuses on complete cemetery maintenance and mowing. Corey & Co. Landscaping Llc is the premier cemetery maintenance service company in Oconto County, Wisconsin.

Cemetery mowing provides a regular schedule of mowing and weed trimming to complement the monuments and headstones. Call or email for pricing/quotes.